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We believe in Not Just an Art Cooking is also a Responsibility. Since 2008 we are successfully running our Hotel on the name of Amanda at Gomti Nagar, Lucknow. Read More

Tiffin Services

"माँ के हाथ का ना सही, मासी के हाथों का स्वाद"

"For School going Students, Hostellers, Corporate Employee etc."

Economical :Rs. 1500 / Month

Executive    : Rs. 2500 / Month

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Our Services

Wide chain of restaurants providing best class services.

Franchisee Facility
Own your franchisee for just Rs 1.5 Lacs / 3.0 Lacs only with better and exciting offers.

Running Outlet(s)
Large number of our outlets running in most of the areas in various cities.

Home Deliver
We are committed to providing the delivery with fresh, hot food door to door.

Lunch Packs

  • 1

    Special Veg THAL
    Rs. 120.00

  • 2

    Honey Comb Veg THAL
    Rs. 150.00

  • 3

    Special Non-Veg THAL
    Rs. 145.00

  • 4

    Honey Comb Non-Veg THAL Rs. 210.00

Contact Us: +91 8577877777

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